My parents will always be in my heart

Sometimes‚ we need to remember that our parents will always remain our only parents; they can never be replaced.

I don’t care if they call you five times a day with the same story line‚ always listen because one day you are going to want to hear their voice‚ but they will no longer be there.

Many times‚ I envy people who have someone they could call dad or mom‚ I never got to pronounce their names‚ then death decided to take them.

I grew up with my elder siblings‚ and most times I often wished that it was with my parents.

People do not know what they have until they lose it; I have a friend who often runs away from home because he said his parents were always nagging him and boring him with discussions that don’t matter.

At the mention of that I didn’t know when tears dropped from my eyes; only if I will be able to wear his shoes for once.

I wish I knew what their voice was like or the kind of love I could have experienced‚ then I couldn’t have to bother.

I could remember days I cried from school to home because my parents never showed to pick me from school like others; they were days I wished things were different‚ but God knows better.

Always cherish your parents; they won’t always be here forever‚ someday you will wish to have that chit-chat you have been dodging with them; someday their presence will finally matter‚ but it might be late by then.


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