My mom is the best

Sometimes all a mother wants is for her children to check into know that they are safe and they still love her!! Grown or not

Sometimes, we often seem to misunderstand our mom’s intentions; we feel they are controlling and won’t let us live our best life, but in the end, what they truly want is for us to be happy with no regrets.

During my teenage days when my mom couldn’t let me attend prom or the social night parties held by my mates and all my friends attended; I felt she was stopping me from living my best life and she hated me.

There were points I wanted to have an all-girls night with my friends couldn’t let me either and always advised me to stay away from the company I had them, she said they bad influences, but I was too stubborn to heed to her advice.

I grew up to understand she meant well for me and she knows better than anyone else.

The companies she advised me not to keep never turned out well; all the bad friends I could have kept had one issue or the other, some were caught doing drugs, some dropped out of college and the rest I don’t know where in the world they are hiding because of one crime or the other.

I knew if I don’t listen to her I couldn’t have turned out so well either. My mom helped me become a better person and she has raised a queen and a strong woman.

She is my mentor and will always remain my backbone; her favorite quote was my energy giver and I vowed to myself never to let her down.

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