My mom is the best

A mother is always a mother, she never stops worrying about her children even when they are all grown and have their own kids.

My mom will always be my confidant and best friend no matter how old I am and how many kids I have.

My childhood wasn’t the best, I didn’t have all the luxury and toys like other kids, but still, she made sure I never lacked the basics of life.

My dad left when I was barely three years old, the memories aren’t so clear, but I can remember mom on her knees begging him not to leave.

I always hear my aunties saying he left mom for another woman with whom he has a family with and most times I feel pity for mom for going through all that.

Mom didn’t let the divorce ruin her life nor restrict her from being happy, she gave life another chance.

She became strong because she knew she was the only one I had in the world and she never stopped at providing my needs even when it seemed so hard.

She could go any length to make me happy and I knew that; I love her so much too and I love the bond we share as a family.

She was my hype woman and helped me built my self-esteem; I never for once felt bad when I was taunted for not having a father.

I never minded what they always said about me turning out so bad because I was raised single-handedly by a woman.

I turned out so well and I owe it all to her; thank you mom for everything, for staying with me, putting up with all my excesses, and making me happy.

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