My mom is a hero

Being a mommy is not easy at all; you still have to be a mom when you are depressed, crying, or struggling and can’t let them see you down.

My mom is a hero and I know that I turned out so good because of her relentless efforts and prayers.

When I was twelve years old, I knew my mom was sad and what amazed me was how she never let me or my siblings have an idea of whatever was going on.

I could always walk into my mom’s room and could see her in tears and immediately she noticed my presence she could act as though something was itching her eyes.

She never showed us her weakness and I knew behind that mask she wore she was breaking down but doesn’t want us to see her in her lowest.

A few years after, my dad left and never came back; only then did I realize that they got divorced and mom never told us what went wrong in their marriage.

I found out later on that she didn’t want us to hate our father who had another family somewhere else.

Mom brought us up in the best way possible; even on her bad days she never stopped taking care of us.

She didn’t allow the pain of divorce to stop her from giving us the best life ever, she worked hard to be the father that left us and all I can say is that she became my hero.

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