My life isn’t perfect‚ but I’m blessed

My life isn’t perfect‚ but I’m blessed. I have seen better days and also worse days. I don’t have everything I want‚ but I do have all I need. I woke up with some aches and pains‚ but I woke up anyway.

I have cried myself to sleep because of situations I couldn’t help. I made my pillow my only friend as it is always there to let me place my tender head on its body.

There are nights I wished I left with my parents; I just wished I never existed maybe things could have turned better for them.

Sometimes I feel off and hope that someday I will look back at everything that has ever happened to me and smile at the tedious journey so far.

There are some days I went to bed without food‚ but I’m happy to be given a chance to see another bright day.

My life has been sloppy ever since I lost my parents; they were my best friends and life became lonely without them; we weren’t rich or were they able to get me all that I ever wanted‚ but I was happy because they stayed with me.

I don’t have the best like my mates; I hardly have a decent meal in a day; I look for menial jobs to do when my mates are in school; I have no one in my life.

My life isn’t perfect‚ but I thank God for giving me life and strength. Many people couldn’t wake up the next day‚ but here I am seeing another beautiful day you made; I’m blessed.

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