My husband asked me to go to a restaurant, but when we finished eating, he wanted me to pay for both of us.

A lady asked for advice on Reddit because she didn’t want to pay for her husband’s restaurant meal. They agreed to split expenses equally, but he didn’t expect her to stick to it.

In marriage, couples can face many problems, and money is often a big one. When spouses have different ideas about money, it can lead to conflicts in how they spend.

It’s important to discuss money before getting married and get help if you and your partner don’t agree. Sadly, a woman only realized money would be an issue in her marriage after getting married.

Different Views on Money

A 30-year-old woman talked on Reddit about her 32-year-old husband. They’ve been married for four months, and both have their jobs. She works as a secretary, and he’s a police officer.

The woman says her husband’s way of spending money is different from hers. He’s not good at budgeting and doesn’t think about the future. He likes buying things without considering how much money he has in his account.

One day, the woman suggested sharing a bank account with her husband. She thought it would be good to have a joint account for saving money and paying bills together. However, her partner saw it as having two of the same thing, doubling up on their income.

Spending Left and Right

The husband began spending a lot, buying expensive things without telling his wife. The woman said, “He was just taking money and spending without discussing it. Not okay because we have things we need to pay for.”

When the woman discussed it with her husband, he agreed that having a joint account was a mistake. He justified himself, saying some of the money in the account was his, so he didn’t need permission to spend it. He asked,

“Isn’t it reasonable for everyone to have their own money to spend, whether married or not?”

In the end, they decided to keep their own paychecks but share the costs equally for everything they spent together.

Making his Wife Pay for Dinner

One night, the husband proposed going out for dinner. Thinking they’d pay for their own meals, the wife agreed. But after eating, the husband, who had ordered more food, was surprised when his wife requested separate bills. He asked, “Aren’t you going to pay for my meal too?”

The man said he already used up his money and couldn’t pay for dinner. But his wife reminded him of their deal, saying splitting expenses equally includes paying for your own meal. Surprisingly, the husband didn’t expect her to stick to it.

After the husband talked, the wife paid for her meal and left. Two hours later, he came home, said his friend had to pay for his food at the restaurant, and called her mean.

After arguing, the wife proposed they get help from a professional and go to therapy together. Her husband’s immediate concern was, “Who’s paying?” He kept bringing up her “unacceptable” actions and insisted on an apology for not covering his meal.

Many people on Reddit commented on the woman’s post, understanding her issue and supporting her. One person mentioned that her husband was displaying warning signs early in the marriage, while another recommended they address the problems, either by themselves or with a professional, before things get worse.

Do you believe the woman was right in not paying for her husband’s meal? What would you do if you were in her place – pay for his meal or walk away?

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