My grandpa left me 125K when he passed away, but my Mom took all the money from me.

An 18 years old girl thought her mom owed her a lot of money. When she asked for it back, her mom said no.

The girl got 125,000 from her grandpa and found out her mom owed her a similar amount. She needed the money for her dream school, but when she asked her mom, things went bad. She had to go to court and sue her mom.

The girl said her relationship with her parents got more complicated as she got older. Getting money from her grandpa made things worse with her mom. She said, “Trying to move the money to my college savings became a problem because of my mother.”

She needed the money for her dream college, but her mom wanted her to pay back what she spent on her. When she asked for the inheritance money, her mom refused, saying it was hers for everything she did.

Her mom got angry when OP told her the total.

OP admitted her mom used to take money from her room, even breaking into her safe and taking cash she won from sports. Feeling powerless, OP waited a bit before discussing it with her mom. During that time, she figured out how much her mom owed her. She explained how she did this by saying:

When I was 13, I decided to write down all the money I made.

After counting, I found out my mom took nearly 125,000 from me before. Now, she owes me 250,000, including the inheritance money.

With proof in hand, OP went to her mom’s room to talk about the money owed. At first, her mom was confused, but she started yelling when OP told her the total. She explained:

“She yelled that the money was hers, as she spent more on my medical bills.”

The girl stayed calm and asked why she wasn’t doing this with her siblings. Her mom said OP had to pay her back because she was the oldest child.

Before chatting with her mom, OP saved everything on her computer because she knew how her mom would react. She remembered:

“When she took my notebook and papers to destroy, I just included the cost of the notebook, folder, and papers in the total.”

The next day, OP emailed her mom, telling her to pay up or face legal action. She warned of suing for the money she took.

But, rethinking her email, she thought she might have been too harsh. She posted on Reddit, asking others if she did the right thing. Kris82868 reassured OP, saying she wasn’t wrong. “Parents should take care of a 4-year-old’s medical needs; it’s their duty,” Kris82868 explained.

OP admitted she was brought up to think that children should repay their parents when they grow up. Due to ongoing problems, she felt she couldn’t repay them later in life.

At the same time, another Reddit user said she’d open a new account in her name to keep money separate from her mom, if she were in OP’s shoes. SunnyBunnyHopHop also recommended:

“Get a lawyer to check everything & talk about what you can do.”

In OP’s latest post, she shared that her dad was helping her recover the money. She opened a new bank account without her mom’s name on it.

She also said her mom admitted that her other siblings weren’t from her dad. Her mom cheated, had five kids from the affair, and is now facing a lawsuit, possible criminal charges, and a divorce, she shared.

OP thanked everyone for the advice and hoped her dad would get full custody. She admitted talking about her problem with Reddit users was really helpful.

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