My daughter is my best friend

My daughter is my best friend; I am not sure what I did to deserve her‚ but I thank God every day for her. She is wonderfully strong and I couldn’t imagine my life without her; I love her so much.

When I was a child I had the most distant parents ever; none of them even knew my birthday and there was never a time we had dinner like family. They were always busy in their world filled with works and them having fun acting like I never meant to exist.

I grew up with a scar on my hand which I got because of their carelessness; I was left to cater for myself as if I was an adult and it was after the accident that they considered getting me a nanny.

I was always alone and didn’t have anyone to confide in or even a friend; I made a lot of costly mistakes while growing up and I’m happy I learned from them because my daughter is never going to pass through the same ordeal.

My daughter is beautiful angel

When I beheld my daughter for the first time; I couldn’t believe such a beautiful angel came from me and I knew at that point that I have got a rare gem.

There were points in my marriage when I was losing it; my husband wanted a male child and I had complications after I had my angel which damaged my womb.

I cried myself to sleep each time I was reminded that I will never have another child again‚ but my baby was always there to clean my tears.

I found comfort in her and sooner than later I started appreciating that she came into my life; I became contented with her and no matter how many times I was told I won’t have a male child; I told everyone that my daughter is enough.

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