Mrs. Parks posed an exceptionally odd question to her class, but her eventual answer at the end is genuinely funny.

In a small, well-lit classroom, Mrs. Parks, the amiable science instructor, opted to deliver an unusual yet educational lesson to her sixth-grade students.

“Class, could someone inform me about a human body part that expands tenfold when stimulated?” She leaned in with a mischievous glint in her eye.

The students’ bewilderment led to a hushed atmosphere in the room. It was an exceptionally uncommon inquiry for a science class, and the pupils exchanged puzzled expressions as they deliberated on how to respond.

Young Mary, known for her honesty, stepped forward with determination. She stood up and spoke directly to the teacher:

“Mrs. Parks, it’s not appropriate to pose such a question to sixth-graders! I intend to inform my parents, and they’ll likely bring it to the principal’s attention, which may lead to your dismissal!”

Mrs. Parks, composed and wearing a patient smile, reiterated her query, saying, “Class, can anyone identify the body part that enlarges tenfold when stimulated?”

Little Mary, astonished by Mrs. Parks’ continued focus on this inappropriate topic, had her eyes widen in disbelief.

She huddled with her fellow students, her voice a mix of shock and worry as she whispered, “Wow, she’s really going to face serious consequences for this!”

Undeterred by the commotion and her resolve to carry on with the lesson, Mrs. Parks addressed the class once again, prompting with encouragement, “Any takers?”

The classroom remained silent, as the students hesitated to offer a response, concerned about the potential consequences of another misunderstanding. They were cautious, avoiding any move into unfamiliar territory, and held onto their silence.

Next, Billy, a reserved and diligent student who consistently performed well in Mrs. Parks’ class, rose to his feet. His cheeks turned rosy with nervousness, and his voice quivered as he said, “The part of the body that enlarges tenfold when stimulated is the pupil of the eye.”

The classroom was engulfed in a shared sense of relief when the answer to the puzzling question was ultimately unveiled. Mrs. Parks radiated pride and expressed her appreciation for Billy’s contribution with a warm smile. “Excellent job, Billy,” she commended.

Mrs. Parks shifted her focus to young Mary, who had been at the center of the entire episode. With a mischievous sparkle in her gaze, she added, “Now, as for you, dear, I’d like to share three things: First, you have quite an imaginative mind. Second, it appears you didn’t complete your homework. And third, one day, you might find yourself in for quite a surprise.”

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