Mom teaches a good lesson about respecting others after getting a call from her daughter’s school.

Regardless of whether this story is true or not, the lesson it teaches is that we should support our family, even when things don’t seem to work out, and when nobody listens to our problems, just like one mother did.

I work as a nurse in the emergency room. We can’t have our phones with us; we must keep them in our lockers. But I got a call on a private line at the hospital’s front desk.

Phone: “I’m (teacher) from (school). Something happened with your (daughter). We need you to come in.”

Me: “Is she sick or hurt? Can it wait until I finish work in two hours?”

Phone: “Your daughter hit another student. We’ve been trying to reach you for 45 minutes. It’s really a big problem.”

I visit the school and they take me to the principal’s office. In the room, I see my daughter, a male teacher, a female counselor, the principal, a boy with a bloody nose and a red face, and his parents.

Principal: “It took you a long time to get here!”

Me: “Yeah, it’s really hectic in the emergency room. I just spent the past hour putting in more than 40 stitches on a seven-year-old who got hurt by his mom with a metal spoon. Then I had to talk to the police about it. Sorry for being late.”

After seeing him try not to look embarrassed, he explains what happened. The boy snapped my daughter’s bra, and she hit him in the face two times. It seemed like they were angrier at my daughter than the boy.

Me: “Oh. And you’re asking if I will take legal action against him for sexually hurting my daughter and against the school for allowing it to happen?”

They all get nervous when I talk about sexual assault and start talking at the same time.

Teacher: “I don’t think it was that bad.”

Counselor: “Let’s not make it a big deal.”

Principal: “I believe you don’t quite understand.”

The boy’s mom begins to cry. I look at my daughter to hear her side.

Daughter: “He kept messing with my bra. I asked him to stop, but he didn’t, so I told Mr. (teacher). He told me to ‘just ignore it.’ (Boy) kept doing it and even undid my bra, so I hit him. After that, he stopped.”

I look at the teacher.

Me: “You allowed him to do this? Why didn’t you stop him? Come here and let me feel the front of your pants.”

Teacher: “What? No!”

Me: “Does it seem wrong to you? Why don’t you try pulling on Mrs. (Counselor)’s bra right now? See how she feels about it. Or on that boy’s mom’s bra. Or mine. Do you think it’s okay just because they are kids?”

Principal: “Mrs. (your name). I understand your concerns, but please remember that (daughter) still physically harmed another child.”

Me: “No. She protected herself from being sexually attacked by another student. Just look at them; he’s a lot taller and heavier than her. How many times should she have allowed him to touch her? If the person who was supposed to help and protect her in the classroom didn’t bother, what could she have done? He pulled her bra so forcefully that it came undone.”

The boy’s mom is still in tears, and his dad seems mad and embarrassed. The teacher avoids looking at me. I turn to the principal.

Me: “I’m bringing her home. I believe the boy has understood. And I wish nothing like this happens again, not just to my daughter but to any other girl in this school.”

I was really upset, so I got my daughter’s stuff and left. I told the superintendent about it, and they assured me that it was handled seriously.

This story proves that a mother will protect her child at all costs, and it’s a strong reminder that being treated with disrespect is never okay.

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