Mom had been trying to get pregnant for eight years; when the doctor shows her an ultrasound, she almost passes out.

After Beata Bienias and her husband Powell experienced eight years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive, they held a strong conviction that pregnancy might remain out of reach.

It turned out that Beata was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition that can present difficulties in achieving pregnancy. Additionally, her overweight status led doctors to recommend weight reduction.

Despite shedding 70 pounds, no significant changes occurred.

As a final resort, the couple decided to pursue IVF therapy. Despite medical advice against it, Beata and Powell chose to deviate from the recommendations and had intercourse on her birthday.

Surprisingly, the medical team successfully implanted the embryos, and not long after, Beata received the incredible news of her pregnancy. After enduring years of hardships, making concessions, and overcoming numerous obstacles, the long-awaited moment had arrived. Overwhelmed with sheer joy, she felt an ecstatic rush and as if she was floating on cloud nine.

Unbeknownst to her, a significant astonishment awaited Beata during her sonogram appointment.

Beata and her companion had fervently hoped for the survival of at least one embryo, yet they approached the sonogram with a mix of anticipation and anxiety.

Upon reaching the medical facility, both Beata and her spouse excitedly looked forward to their inaugural prenatal scan. While the ultrasound specialist meticulously inspected the scan, an unexpected revelation lay in store. Adopting a solemn expression, the technician directed Beata’s husband to find a seat.

Little did they know, the technician’s forthcoming words were destined to have an enduring impact on their lives. Beata was indeed carrying a pregnancy, yet not with a single baby—instead, the astonishing news revealed she was expecting three!


“We were both stunned, gazing at the screen in amazement, trying to fathom who placed three babies there,” recounted Beata.

“I immediately phoned my mother and through tears, I exclaimed, ‘There are three of them inside me.'”

However, an even more astonishing revelation awaited. Upon closer scrutiny, it became evident that only a single embryo had successfully implanted, indicating that the twins had originated through natural conception.

Beata remarked, “It’s incredibly ironic that after striving for such a long time and seeking treatment, we ended up conceiving naturally.”

While uncommon, Beata’s situation isn’t entirely unprecedented. It’s feasible for a woman to achieve natural conception while undergoing IVF treatment, alongside the successful development of an implanted embryo.

Out of harm’s way

Beata welcomed Amelia, Matylda, and Borys into the world at 34 weeks of pregnancy, and remarkably, all three were discharged from the hospital within a mere week.

“While it might be challenging and demanding, the rewards are beyond measure,” Beata affirms.

“Even though I feel weary after a night, gazing into these tiny countenances fills my heart with warmth.”

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