Memories remind us of a lot of things

Memories remind us that nothing lasts forever and that time is precious and should not be wasted. Enjoy life and remember, don’t count the days, make the days count.

Life comes with different lessons, trials, experiences, and all worth not. Some leave us broken, hurt, happy, and filled with different emotions, but what matters at the end is that it only remains in our memories.

Memories from a greater part of our lives; when we look back at things we have done or gone through it either gives us a reason to either forge ahead or quit our existence.

My life hasn’t been the best as memories of everything people ever said to me that ate deep into my soul keeps coming back each time I close my eyes.

It never left my memories that I’m an ungrateful child who will bring nothing but pain and bad luck to her parents; it kept sticking to my memory that I can never be good to anyone, and no matter the kind of man I end up with he will always break my heart.

I wake each day remembering everything they ever said to me, and guess what it became my driving force. I work so hard so that I won’t be the failure they always envisioned me as I chose to be different.

I didn’t let anything they ever used against me to define me; I set my standards and define my worth.

Make the best out of your memories; it forever lives with us, and most times even if it hurts we shouldn’t let it weigh us down. 

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