Man is being Teased for dating a 252 pound woman, but finds the right answer to keep quiet those criticizing him.

We frequently expose the life we have to criticism when we post information about them online. People criticized this young couple for their romantic relationship even though they only like exchanging photos with one another.

They had a fantastic answer to the comments, which serves as an unpleasant reminder of the value of being firmly committed to what you believe in.

Matt and Brittany Montgomery’s story is fairly typical, it is nevertheless amazing. They met, fell in love, and eventually began living together.

Although the circumstance may seem typical, the couple’s story is special because of their size disparity. All of Brittany’s life, she has been struggling to find being accepted. She didn’t have the best relationship with her parents, who were frequently overbearing, and she frequently left their home very tired.

Her lack of self-worth regarding herself and the way she looked was the result of everything. Because she was plus-sized, she frequently encountered two types of men: someone who either wanted her to lose weight or someone who valued her curves. Because of the negative what she encounters, she wanted to stop dating completely and protect herself from the possibility of finding true love.

However, Destiny had other plans for her! She met Matt Montgomery on Facebook in August of 2020. Although they were very different in terms of physical appearance, they were united in a way that hadn’t been seen before through their hearts!

“I was initially a little nervous In relationships, there are times when guys threaten to break up with me if I refuse to begin losing weight or making an effort to lose weight. It did have an impact on my self-esteem, and I did start exercising and striving to lose weight at one time.” Brittany recalled.

However, they were firmly in love and confident in one another. On January 30, 2022, Matt got down on one knee, and they started making plans for their future together.

With their complete acceptance of one another, they discussed how the outside world views their relationship. Matt said, “I am aware that people are watching while we walk across the street.” People react on Instagram and comment that “I’m not big enough or man enough for her.”

The couple has a pure love for one another, even though all of the criticism they face about their relationship from those who are unable to understand their strong relationship.

Matt has a history of having difficult situations with ladies of typical size. Matt first realized Brittany was his true love match because of the way she makes him feel. He values her happiness and accepts her as she is. He doesn’t shy when complimenting her in public. In a post dedicated to her, he said, “You are worthy, you deserve the kindness of endless love every single day and more. I can tell that we have been created to be together because of what I feel about you as well as how you feel about me.”

His message indicates that he truly loves his wife as well as their relationship beyond just physical attraction to those who are rudely commenting on images of the couple. What a powerful response to the haters!

The couple hopes to erase the common perception around “mixed-weight” relationships. She said, “I was hoping that mixed-weight relationships became more prevalent and normal.

After welcoming Lakelyn into the world in March 2022, the young couple recently revealed that they will be expecting their second child together in September 2023. We hope the best for them!

Whenever it comes to finding genuine love and figuring out what makes someone happy, there are in fact no rules. No matter what, we should all accept and love one another!

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