Man abandons his wife following a romantic involvement with his significantly younger secretary.

This is a witty tale of vengeance, featuring a woman whose husband abandoned her after 37 years of matrimony.

He engaged in a romantic relationship with his considerably younger secretary, opting for divorce and cohabitation with his newfound love. Yet, Anne, his wife, was determined not to let him go without a fight. This comical narrative is worth sharing, don’t you think?

Following 37 years of marriage, Ben abruptly ended his relationship with his wife Anne and departed, choosing to be with his significantly younger secretary, with whom he had been conducting a covert romantic involvement.

His fresh partner insisted on sharing the spacious house that Ben had once shared with his wife. Thanks to his proficient legal team, Ben secured ownership of the house during the divorce proceedings. He allowed his ex-wife, Anne, just a mere three days to vacate.

During the initial day, Anne diligently packed all her belongings into boxes.

On the following day, she contacted two movers who arrived and transported all of her belongings to her new residence.

By the third day, she settled into the house’s exquisite dining area for one final occasion, lighting candles, playing soft background music, and savoring her meal.

Upon completing her meal, she proceeded to visit each room in the house, discreetly tucking leftover shrimp into the lower sections of the curtains. Subsequently, she tidied up the kitchen one last time and departed from the residence where she had spent 37 years of her life.

Upon Ben’s arrival at the house with his new girlfriend, everything was flawless during the initial days.

However, gradually, a noxious smell started permeating the entire house. They attempted various solutions: diligently cleaning and washing every conceivable surface, inspecting all the vents to rule out any deceased rodents, and meticulously cleaning every carpet in the house. Additionally, they deployed air purifiers throughout the residence.

A pest control company, specialized in eradicating pests, visited the house and set up various traps in an attempt to eliminate all potential insects and pests. Regrettably, none of their efforts proved successful.

Over time, their friends ceased coming over, contractors declined to undertake projects within the house, and even the housekeeper resigned from her position.

Ultimately, they never identified the origin of the odor and concluded that relocating was the best course of action. Despite reducing their initial asking price by more than half, an entire month passed without finding a buyer for their malodorous house. Word of the foul odor circulated, leading local real estate agents to avoid their calls. To purchase a new home, they had to secure a substantial loan from the bank.

After some time, Ben reached out to his ex-wife Anne to inquire about her well-being. He explained the issues with the foul-smelling and deteriorating house. She attentively listened to his description and then expressed her yearning for their former residence, mentioning her interest in repurchasing the house.

Aware that his ex-wife was unaware of the extent of the odor issue, Ben agreed to sell her the house for a mere fraction of its original value, under the condition that she sign the paperwork on the same day. She promptly agreed to the terms.

One week later, Ben and his youthful partner joyfully engaged in playful banter as the moving company transported their possessions to their new residence. They felt fortunate to have finally escaped the malodorous house, and Ben relished the satisfaction of having outmaneuvered his ex-wife in the transaction.

The final items to be removed from the house were the curtains.

I’ve revisited this story multiple times throughout the years, and it remains perpetually enjoyable. I believe Anne’s ingenuity is truly remarkable!

If you share my admiration for this wife’s cleverness, please pass along the story!

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