Make sure you test positive for faith

Make sure you test positive for faith. Keep your distance from doubt, isolate yourself from fear, and trust in God.

We all have points in our life when we feel like going crazy, leaving the world and going back to our creator.

There are points in our lives when we felt we can never pass through some stages. We feel like that’s our end, and not even a miracle will turn things in our favor.

We should always bear in mind that God is always with us in each step we take in life. If he wanted to forsake us, that could have been in our mom’s womb, where the journey started.

God has been with us from our very beginning, and won’t forsake us even at the end. Place your trust in God, because he’s the only one worthy to be trusted and hoped on.

He carters for the birds in the skies, provides for animals; is a man not worth more than them all? Always believe in God, no matter the situation. He doesn’t fail and has never failed. When Shedrack, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into a burning fire; they didn’t burn because they believed and trusted God.

What about Daniel that was thrown into the den of lions? God showed how great he is, he saved him. God didn’t forsake them, not even a strand of their hair was affected, they came out unharmed. Place all your trust in God, belief in his plans for you, they are always for the best. God never fails.

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