Love the right person

Be with someone who can love you wildly not only behind the locked doors but even in front of the whole world.

Be with someone that accepts you with all their heart and loves you for who you are.

Love the right person who will never stop proving to you each second that you mean the world to them.

Love and relationships dealt with me before I met someone who changed the story.

The first man in my life wasn’t any better; he made me feel I was ugly and not worthy of him. I can remember vividly the first time we met, he treated me like a queen, and he made other ladies jealous of me.

Everyone wished to have a man like him as he was the perfect example of a good man, but this narrative didn’t last for long.

It didn’t take months since we have been together and he started treating me like a nobody; we stopped going on dates as he said I was too ugly to be seen with him.

He complained about my size and weight, and I didn’t realize I was falling into depression until my clothes were now too big for me; I felt he could be happy because I got thinner, but no he body-shamed my thin body.

I didn’t want to leave because I love him so much, but in the end, he left me broken and shattered; people didn’t help matters as they made fun of me, they said I couldn’t keep a man.

It took years before I gave another man a chance and I’m happy I met the right person this time.

He treated me like a queen and I didn’t fail to treat him like a king that he’s; love is always beautiful with the right person.

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