Love and appreciate yourself

Sometimes, you need to take a break from everyone and spend time alone, to experience, appreciate and love yourself.

There’s nothing greater than self-love; it is not selfish to love oneself above others.

We can’t give out love or show love to others if we don’t love ourselves.

Always love and appreciate yourself, no matter what you are doing, how tough life is for you; always bear in mind that you are doing great.

Life isn’t a bed of roses, most times it feels like the walls of the earth are trying to choke the life out of us.

When I couldn’t get a job after college; I felt I was a failure, even after getting a first-class; I felt life was being unfair to me.

I turned from a loving sweet girl to a person I couldn’t recognize either.

I started getting angry at every little thing, I knew it became unbearable for my parents, but they were still putting on with me.

Many of my mates who got lower grades are doing better than me and here I was with nothing to show for my excellent educational profession.

My mom will always tell me that I am doing great and with time I will be greater, but how was it even possible when I couldn’t make a living for myself.

I took her advice and decided to let things go, let everything happen at its appointed time. I decided to focus on appreciating all I have done so far and ways to better myself.

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