Lord, please protect me

Lord, please walk through my home today. Please remove any sadness, illness, and financial worries, place your guardian angels around us; keeping my home safe and healthy, filled with love. Amen.

My life hasn’t been perfect, people have left me in situations I needed 

a shoulder to lean on; I have cried myself to sleep in many cases because of how confused the world is, but I never for once doubted my existence because I believe God created me for a reason.

When I look back at how my life has been the past few years, I wake up thanking God for making worthy of seeing another great day.

I was the only survivor of an accident that claimed the lives of everyone in that particular car. No one believed I was going to survive, the funniest part of everything was the hospital moving me to the morgue as they have already declared me dead, but the Lord never stops protecting his own.

Fortunately, some people who came to claim a relative’s corpse saw my hands moving and that was how I survived. I know I will live my remaining days praising God, I am a testimony and won’t stop glorifying God for protecting me.

I will always thank God for being the author of my life, my king shining armor, my protector; he who never sleeps or slumbers so that I will be safe. God is the only one worthy to be praised and glorified.

All I ask for the lord is for you never to forsake me; thank you God for protecting me.

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