Living The Life That Convinces People That Good Exists

Living a good life can mean something different to many people. Nevertheless, there is a general understanding of what this idea entails as it regards living in the modern world. The good life, in this context, is a series of never ending satisfaction that grows more powerful as time goes on. But living the good life is also a way to show other people that the world is not all filled with selfish and wicked people. Despite the way they preach about thinking about only yourself, the way you treat others actually matters. The wars and racial discrimination have turned the w0rld into chaos, and showing good is one of the most effective ways to reverse the conundrum.

Show Interest In People

Do you have a neighbor who is a single mother? Do you see them struggling to get a taxi for the kid to school every morning? Why not offer to drop the child off from time to time. You can find time to visit the parent and help with the child’s homework. You never know how that one little sacrifice will help that mother believe that there is still much reason to soldier on. But that’s not the only way you can show interest in people. Rather than always spending time on your phone, try to notice the people around you a little. Get to know your coworkers, coursemates and the members of your social group. No one says you have to pry or share too much. A single act of care can go a long way in making someone’s dark day seem bright.

Give Alms

Everybody wastes one thing or the other, especially when they can afford it. Food stands as one of the most wasted items in the world, after which comes money. But rather than being so non conservative and throwing things out in the garbage, why not be economic enough and give some to the people who need it more than you do? We are in a world of so many hungry and underserved people. From time to time, you can as well give some money to charity. Or rather than making it so official, you could give out some wads of cash to the beggars on the streets and sit to talk with them. Do it from your heart, do not expect anything in return and you would be surprised at just how much smiles you’d be putting on their faces.

Appeal To People’s Value Systems

Your reputation, character and behavior can help people understand that good still exists in the world. But the best way to show them more is by appealing to their value systems. Everyone thinks and acts in different ways, and that is why people cannot be the same. Show them that you respect their opinions and beliefs or certain matters rather than trying to shove yours down their throats. Encourage people to be the best versions of themselves. Help them grow and develop their thought processes, no matter who they are. Most of all, be nice and comly, as that will go a long way in changing their perceptions about random people they meet on the bus or along the subway.