Live in your best moments

Live for the moments that bring love to your heart and place peace in your day. It’s the little things that hold the best memories and bring joy to your day.

Always try to make every moment count; make it so memorable that by just thinking about it, it should bring smiles to your face.

Life comes with hurdles, trials, and all the worst we could expect, but you should make it count because you aren’t going to meet that phase again, once you leave it; it’s gone forever.

I was allowed to make the best out of life when I still had time, and I trashed it; I let hurts, pain be the only thing I can remember.

I felt there will always be time to set things right and I didn’t see time leaving me anytime soon.

I was so engrossed in the present and its troubles thereby not making it to count. 

I sat down to think about any beautiful memories while in school, but I couldn’t find one. I let it be filled with ups and downs, I let the problems of yesterday affect the memories of today and I didn’t know it affected me so much.

I stopped making myself happy and left myself at the mercy of Fortune.

I decided to create everlasting happiness for myself; I worked extra towards creating beautiful memories.

I decided to always live in the moment and make the best out of it because problems never stop coming.

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