Listen to the older ones

When you are young, your grandparents try to tell you their history, and you don’t care because it doesn’t interest you at the time.

Later on, you wish you had written down all that they said.

Old age is wisdom and lucky is the man who finds joy in listening to the older ones.

There’s a saying that goes by ‘’what an old person sees, even if you climb the highest mountain in the world, you won’t be able to see it’’.

When growing up I often felt it was a fallacy because times are changing, but I didn’t realize that even though time changed people barely changed.

Staying with my grandparents taught me a lot and with each moment I spent with them I learned so much.

I once thought whatever they told me wasn’t going to help me in life, but all the costly mistakes I avoided were because of all they have taught me.

One of the numerous lessons they taught me, was about my company, and even until now, I have the best people around me.

We were so rich and they always told me never to let people know about my worth that let my aura and demeanor attract the right kind of people to me.

 Throughout my college days, I never had issues of fake friends, the little circle I had was there because they loved me and not because of what I had to offer.

We became a great team because we had like minds and were always willing to help one another.

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