Life is like an echo

One thing about life is that life has so many principles that can’t be broken no matter who or the status of whoever is involved in the act. Life principles are rigid that it can’t be made flexible for anyone. Life is basically like an echo; whatever you say shall return to you.

We, humans, find it very easy to find fault in other humans; we all love to play the role of a saint when the sins of others are being discussed. We are quick to judge others, forgetting that we as humans aren’t perfect; therefore, we are not qualified to judge since we make mistakes too.

We always forget that we would all be judged by the way we have judged others, the same cup of measurement we used for others would be used for us.

We are also good at seeing the bad in others, forgetting that the same bad nature or something worse is in us, it just hasn’t been giving the right condition to manifest its full potential.

It’s no secret that whatever you sow that you shall reap, we always seek for love but we are sowing the seed of hatred among our friends and causing havoc. As the law of nature states, you shall get back what you sow, in this case, you will be getting back hatred and bitterness.

That’s why we are advised to be a beacon of love in all we do, for by so doing, we would reap immeasurable love in return.

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