Learn to love without condition

Love people unconditionally; talk without bad intentions. Give without reason and most of all care for people without expectation.

We only live once and we should always make use of the little time judiciously.

Love people unconditionally even when they have nothing to offer. Love because you were created out of love and not toxicity.

Love because you ought to be loved too. Learn to love without reasons even when you are pushed to the wall; two wrongs never make a right; you can save a life and change someone for the better by extending love to him/ her.

Care for people, have each other’s back; it doesn’t make you less of a person.

Help people when you are in the position to; do not always turn a blind eye because tables turn and you might not always be lucky.

Most times, we aren’t taught how to love; the society we grew up in might be devoid of love, filled with hate, anger, and malice, but that doesn’t stop us from showing love.

You can make a difference by teaching them how to love, show them love and they will surely reciprocate. No society ever grows without love, because love brings unity even in diversity.

Love conquers all things, endures all things and the world can only be a better place if we decide to love one another amidst our differences and shortcomings.

Love when you still have the time to, because no one knows tomorrow. God loves us so much too and his greatest commandment is to love one another.

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