Know who your people are

If you are struggling and your people are just sitting there watching you struggle, they aren’t your people.

One should always try to differentiate friends from onlookers or spies. Wrong people can come into our lives in the disguise of many features.

They can choose to come as friends and anything you can ever think of. Know who your friends are; if they don’t contribute anything to your existence then they aren’t meant to be there.

Everyone we meet has a role to play in our lives; if they are just staring at you without making any impact in your life then erase them off. Life is all about struggles and what we make out of it; if they are aren’t giving you words of encouragement or helping out in little ways they can, then they aren’t your friends.

Know who your people are and those who only hang around until they find something to take out from you. Some humans can be greedy and full of hate. Beware of people you keep around you and the company you move with; there can be wolves in sheep’s clothing. Friends are meant to stand for each other, support each other and fight for each other.

They will always see some good in you amidst your flaws and insecurities. You will give them a thousand reasons to leave your pathetic life and they will have always have a reason to hold on to. Real friends are your people.

They can’t sit and watch you struggle, they struggle with you and believe in you.


  1. I graduated high school in the year of 2010. I am disabled, still living with my parents. Most importantly, I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life and how to do it.

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