Know who worth your time

Stop putting so much effort into someone who can go all day without talking to you.

When you see no light at the end of a tunnel‚ it is always better to walk away before you drown in darkness.

I was once in love; I had a lot of things on the bucket list and I was happy I found someone to build a life with.

Everything was rosy and perfect‚ just the way I wanted it. We always had time for each other amidst our tight schedules‚ we always speak for length trying to catch up on each other’s lives before always calling it a day.

I couldn’t wait for the day I will finally be his and I was happy with the pace we were moving; we were just perfect‚ but not for long.

We started drifting apart‚ our communication time started lagging greatly and I was one to force something. I felt he needed time and space‚ I gave him but I was always close to knowing how his day went and how his life was moving.

Most times‚ he could stay a day without calling and when I decided to be the bigger person he always shunned me for calling him without seeking his permission.

I felt I was being too clingy and decided to give him some space; weeks passed and he never called. I noticed the drift between us and knew I had lost him to the streets.

He called weeks later and lined up excuses upon excuse for not keeping in touch‚ he said work has been hectic and promised to be better. I ran a check and found out he has been on leave; I didn’t need anyone to interpret the signs. I had lost him and I wasn’t feeling bad about it.


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