Kindness live on forever

When our time on earth is done, money or material things will not matters But the love, time and kindness we’ve given others will
shine and live on forever.

I often wonder if people think about the life after this or are they all busy piling up wealth and fortune we might not live to enjoy.

Life doesn’t give us the opportunity of knowing when we are close to our end; it always takes us by surprise and leaves us in regrets of things we wish we have done earlier.

No matter the number of riches we accumulate on earth we will never go with it to the grace; they are all vanity upon vanity.

What matters is the time and kindness we give to others, how we made others feel, and the acts of compassion and love we show to others.

I grew up hearing the story of a man who changed the lives of many orphans in the neighborhood and turned them into better people in society.

This man was a social worker who spent all his earnings on helping the less privileged and helped over fifty orphans.

He accommodated them in his house and trained them to the highest level of education; if he chose to save up his wealth he could have been among the richest men on earth, but now he chose to invest in people.

His story is passed from generation to generation as no one has ever witnessed such an act of kindness and even if, after many years of his death, people still celebrate him.

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