Joy, a pit bull from an animal shelter, was adopted by them. The dog’s actions amaze the entire world!

A life-altering incident occurred to a Minnesota family. They adopted Joy, a Pitbull mix from the zoo, two years ago. He got along well with everyone in the family, but especially with Emily, who is six years old, and Jonas, who is ten. Children and dog were always together. They went for walks together, played all day, and went to bed in the same bed.

Jonas informed his family one evening that he would take a bath before returning home. The remaining family members remained in the backyard. The mother of the child once heard strange sounds.

She heard the sounds coming from the upper floor when she entered the house. She heard Joy, the house dog, barking at her. When she enter the bathroom, She saw Jonas unconscious and with his legs hanging over the edge of the tub. To free him, Joy pulled on his hair or arms.

Jonas had a heart attack and fell asleep in the bathtub. Joy managed to force open the bathroom door, and she ran in to try to pull Jonas out of the tub. She knew something was wrong.


When Mom first saw Jonas breathing and Joy moving away from him, she was horrified. However, she quickly realized that the dog was only trying to prevent him from drowning by preventing him from falling into the bathtub.

The woman called the emergency number right away, and an ambulance arrived quickly. Specialists took Jonas to the clinic, who figured out how to save his life.

Joy is to thank for Jonas’s survival today.
“I don’t want to think about what could have happened to Joonas. It makes me sad.We will never forget Joy’s life-saving intervention for my son. The mother stated,” He will undoubtedly be rewarded with numerous steaks.”


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