Jada Pinkett Smith reveals her regrowing hair in her recent post, prompting fans to suspect she might be dishonest about her illness.

Over time, Jada Pinkett Smith has openly discussed her battle with hair loss, providing extensive insights on social media and through discussions on “Red Table Talk.”

During her Facebook show on May 21, 2021, she expressed that the initial experience was quite frightening.

The actress faced a moment when her previously abundant hair began to fall out in clumps while showering, leading to intense fear of hair loss.

She provided a reason for her ongoing trend of cutting her hair shorter. The actress emphasized that her hair has held significant importance in her life, and taking care of it is a cherished and meaningful routine. Pinkett Smith appreciated the choice of having hair or not as a valuable aspect.

Towards the conclusion of 2021, she posted a video revealing her hairless scalp, revealing scars associated with alopecia. She indicated a prominent bare mark located roughly an inch from her forehead and humorously commented that it seemed akin to having undergone ‘brain surgery or something.’

“This hair seems to be attempting a comeback. Some areas still pose challenges, but let’s wait and see✨,” Pinkett Smith provided an update about her resurging hair on Monday.

“First Image: Previous,” she commented, indicating an image of herself sporting a bald head, adorned with a diamond necklace and a white teddy-textured sweater. She labeled a relaxed photo captured in a garden, “Second Image: Current,” alluding to her pixie cut with bleached hair on top.

The Criticism Directed at Jada Pinkett Smith Addressing Her Alopecia

Considerable conversation has arisen surrounding the notable incident involving a controversial remark made by her husband, Will Smith, towards Chris Rock, during the 2022 Oscars, regarding her hair loss. It’s noteworthy that Chris Rock had previously created a documentary centered around the hair of black women.

Jada Pinkett Smith faced significant negative feedback as she had previously treated the subject lightly in various posts before the awards event. She had responded with laughter to Rock’s comment expressing anticipation for “G.I. Jane 2.”

For instance, during mid-2021, she posted a meme titled “Beginning vs. Now” with two images side by side, showing her with long hair on one side and a shaved head on the other.

Jada Pinkett Smith has sported a bald appearance for some time, but there seem to be potential alterations underway, as pointed out by an influencer on Twitter. Any ideas?

“Her alopecia claim doesn’t add up. That was just a buzz cut; alopecia doesn’t leave stubble,” one person speculated. “She’s being fake, lol,” another person remarked, “I always suspected she wasn’t telling the truth about her alopecia! Hair (mostly) grows back!”

Social media participants reacted in a comparable manner to a TMZ article discussing the “reappearance.” Let’s clarify, she personally identified herself as having alopecia.

“Her ‘alopecia’ claim was false,” someone asserted. “I doubt she even had alopecia. It was always evident that she had just shaved her head very closely,” a user commented.

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