It’s okay to let go

To protect your energy and sanity, it’s okay to let go of those things that are threats to your wellbeing.

It’s okay to cancel a commitment; you don’t owe anyone your time and life.

It’s okay to want to be alone; it helps a lot in thinking and deciding what’s best for you.

It’s okay to change your mind, be alone, do nothing, and live the best of your life.

It’s okay to speak up when the weights get too heavy, and you are losing it.

Let it go

It is always great to let go, especially our hurtful pasts that keep drawing back our growth.

Most times, we let our past take charge of our future.

You have been hurt, broken, and realized that you have no one to stand with you, or even a shoulder to lean on during trying times; it shouldn’t stop you from bracing up.

You can let go of those memories that bring tears on your face; you can become a happy soul again, you have to let go.

My past held me from seeing the bright side of life, I always saw negativity in everything I want to venture into, and it stopped me from exploring different areas of life.

I had nightmares for years; I wake up to drying up tears from my eyes. At times, I wished I never woke up again, I so much regretted my existence.

I never came out of my shell, and I let the hurtful things I passed through be a greater part of me.

I was losing my sanity and knew it was because of the awful things I was holding on to. It was hard to let go, but I did it; I was tired of letting my life revolve around the atrocious moments of my life.

I let go; you can do the same.

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