It’s Holy Week🥚

Although we might be celebrating in our homes this year, it is very different for all of us. God asked me to send you some comfort of His love through a heavenly hug.

We always need a hug, no matter where you are, how far or near you might be, I pray this hug touches your heart and bring some much needed peace to your soul. In recent weeks, we’ve all been through so many emotions and heartache. Hugs always make us feel better, they lift us up when we feel sad and make you realize how important you are to others. Everyone is important to God, He loved us all and wants this hug to lift our burdens. Trust in your heart that God has us all covered and accept this hug as a gift of love, from God up above. Amen


  1. Dear Cheryl, What a beautiful Post:))) I’m feeling the LOVE:))) Thank You So Much!!! It really warmed my heart & was so uplifting!!! you are right, everyone needs a HUG:))) So here’s a Warm Hug for you, a Smile & Lots of Love:))) PS: I was especially moved by the Rose for our Loved Ones in Heaven*** Lovies to our Precious Cindy!!!!!!!!

  2. I have been waiting for this Easter expecting God to do great things for His people and all that are dealing with this virus. Praise the Lord..

  3. So true Sis always need a hug are a kind word a Prayer just for everyone to care everyone pray to God to Lift this virus from where ever it is let everyone come back to Christ

  4. Thank you, Fairy. I pray this finds both you and Norman well. Rely on our Lord Jesus in faith for protection from the current virus, and that it is defeated very soon. Of course, using caution and wisdom is required also. God does not want you to be a fool and put yourself in harm’s way. Pat and I are doing okay. You knew, of course, Linda passed away Christmas Eve, 2017. I have remarried a wonderful mate, Pat, who shares her love of Jesus Christ with me. We are anxious for the virus to be over soon, as we have intended to travel this spring and summer. Hello to Norm for me, please. Take care, be wise, be safe and healthy.

  5. THANK YOU, Mike,and God of course!
    Hugs back to you. Have a blest Holy week and EASTER Sunday. God bless you and keep you and your family safe,Mike. Love Debbie ❤❤❤❤

  6. Thank you Nancy for brightening my day…stay well and looking forward to get back to fun times!! Be safe and stay well

  7. Thanks Cathy! I can always use a hug! And since we have to keep our distance this is perfect! I’m hugging you back!

  8. God. Bless everyone pray for all suffering from this terrible virus hopefully it will end very soon. Happy Easter to all.

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