It Hurts to Miss Them

Do you ever just get waves of missing someone? Like you’ll go for a while and be OK and then all of asudden your heart hurts.

There is something about meeting people because when we meet people who eventually turn out to be special in our lives, it is one of the best experiences. 

 That is why when these people are no longer in our lives, whether they are  physically or emotionally missing, it becomes one of the worst experiences in our lives.

Do you ever just get waves of missing a person?

Ordinarily, you can actually go on for a long time without even thinking about them, and you tell yourself that you are okay.

You even think that you have forgotten about them, especially if they are people you’ve broken up with or people that are no longer in your life.

All of a  sudden, you feel the hurt and you can no longer bear the pain as it feels like it was just yesterday, this person has left your life. 

Anyone who has ever loved, and lost will definitely be familiar with such a feeling. It sucks, but that’s life for you. 

With loving, comes hurting sometimes, especially when that love comes with loss.

It can be difficult to cope with the loss in the early days. However, the time comes, and the pain hurts more, but, in the future, there will be days when the pain comes back and it hits differently.

When it comes back, the hurt is different, but it is still hurting. It can come with fresh memories which then serve to make it hurt more.

What can you do? You breathe through it and take it one day at a time because just as it did before, the hurt will fade again.

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