In spite of consistently getting into trouble for drawing in class, a 9 years old boy is hired to decorate a restaurant.

Many of us likely have memories of doodling in our notebooks to pass time during dull school lessons. Similarly, young Joe Whale, at the age of 9, often found himself doodling in class to the extent that he faced reprimands for it. Nevertheless, upon discovering his passion for doodling, his parents enrolled him in an after-school art class. There, Joe’s talent caught the attention of his instructors. Notably impressed by his abilities, a nearby restaurant called Number 4 extended an invitation to Joe, asking him to adorn their dining room with his artistic creations.

A 9 years old named Joe Whale has a strong passion for doodling, to the extent that it led to him facing disciplinary issues within his classroom.

Joe fills his notebooks with intricate doodles.

In a recent conversation with Bored Panda, Joe’s father, Greg, mentioned that when Joe was merely 4 years old, he and his identical twin brother Jesse were both included in the Gifted registry at their elementary school.

Upon recognizing Joe’s aptitude, his parents enrolled him in an after-school art class, where his teachers quickly observed his remarkable talent.

The restaurant called ‘Number 4’ took notice of Joe’s illustrations.

The restaurant became aware of Joe’s skill when a teacher posted his drawings on Instagram.

subsequently extending an invitation for him to embellish the walls of their dining area!

When the school day concludes, Joe’s father drives him to the restaurant, where he persists in creating his masterpiece.

“They desired to have Joe contribute an art piece to adorn their main dining area’s wall in their restaurant, and when they approached us about it, we were extremely delighted,” Greg mentioned in an earlier interview. “Upon asking Joe, he naturally embraced the opportunity, so we’ve been visiting the restaurant after school. For a few hours each night, he unleashes his creativity onto their wall.”

Joe has been granted complete artistic freedom.

Joe dedicated approximately 12 hours to embellishing the walls of the restaurant – and the outcome was truly remarkable!

Greg offered guidance to fellow parents: “I’d suggest parents to consistently support their children in pursuing their passions and aspirations. Explore nearby workshops or local groups in your community.”

Joe has even garnered the moniker “The Doodle Boy” and has now established his own website.

Joe’s doodles display an extraordinary level of playfulness and creativity.

Joe possesses a deep affection for doodling, and we’re immensely proud of all his accomplishments. The fact that a completely separate business has approached our 9-year-old son to create a professional artwork is truly remarkable,” Greg expressed.

Joe aspires to establish himself as a professional artist in the future.

And his family stands behind him!

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