I’m on different path

One of the greatest mistakes is following the path of another forgetting that everyone has a different path. 

When I was in high school I made up my mind I wasn’t going to attend college; I wanted to attend a dancing school and work on my talent. 

Nobody was in support of my decisions; the teachers said I was a dummy for choosing dancing, forgetting I always had nice grades. 

My friends stopped being around me, saying I’m a bad influence and might stop them from going to college. 

My parents were having none of it and they cut off all my allowances; everyone rejected the path I set up for myself. 

It hasn’t been years already and I can’t but be happy at my achievements so far. 

I’m recognized globally and have won a lot of awards and I’m proud of all I have done in a space of seven years. 

I refused to follow a path that was already laid down; I made mine and it was the best decision I ever made in life. 

Everyone that ever called me stupid now wants to be identified with me; I changed my story. 

It wasn’t easy at the beginning and I was tempted many times to do what others are doing, 

but I paused and smile because I remembered I’m on a different path. 

The path I choose gave me a lot of reasons to live; my mental health was at #stake when everyone keeps telling me I was walking down a useless path, but my path showed me light. 

I dance to be happy and it makes me feel alive; I entertain people and put smiles on their faces too, I can’t ask God for a better path if not this.