I’m not the same soul I once was

I’m not the same soul I once was.
A lot has changed… A lot of HAD to change.
So you shouldn’t expect me to be
the person I was in the past because parts
of me no longer exists.

Have you ever looked back at your past, and it amazes you that so much has changed in the past few years?

Growing up I never believed I will turn out the way I did.

I had a rough time growing up, and I lost my parents at a very tender age when I was barely strong enough to face the wild world.

I didn’t let circumstances change how I saw my soul. I trained myself through college, and here I’m now reminiscing over my past.

Life hasn’t been rosy over the past few years, but thank God I came out a victor.

I’m not the same soul I once was, a lot has changed. People still expected me to be the gullible child they always knew, but it isn’t always bad when one’s expectations don’t go as planned.

Life has shown me different things; the sweet-bitter parts, and moments I wished I was long gone with my parents.

I couldn’t cope with all the stress I was going through, but mentally, and physically. It did affect me a lot because many parts of me stopped existing.

When I was a child, I was very social, cheerful and outspoken, too bad I can’t remember the last time I laughed heartedly or spent time camping or having fun with people.

Change is inevitable. Every challenge or situation we find ourselves in always changes a lot of things about us. It might be a positive change or a negative one, but all that matters is that there’s a change.


  1. That is all due to one major component in your life, and that’s GROWTH . Growth is inevitable, especially if you are living right. Growth is a good thing and as long as we are living, we are supposed to be learning and growing which all leads to change. You should hold your head up and be glad that you’re not one who stands stagnant with no growth at all.

  2. Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer changes one. I turned to God and left it at his feet but I am full of love and hope for the future! I know God is guiding me and leading me to the best possible outcome. God is peace, Grace and Hope!

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