I’m fine 😢

I wanted to talk about it; I wanted to yell, shout and scream them out, but all I could whisper was ‘I’m fine’.

Have you ever been depressed and so clueless about what next you should do?

My life has been full of a lot of ups and downs. I have reached to a point I can’t express myself any longer, all I just mutter is I’m fine.

I was never a loud child, and always stay by myself. I was the only child distant from my parents.

At the age of seven, I was harassed on my way back from school. No one ever cared to ask why I was sad or rarely ate my meals.

I grew up bearing in mind, that I’m alone, and should never let anyone into my life.

When I became a teenager, I faced a lot of difficulties. I had a lot of nightmares, where I was almost raped. I knew it was all that I passed through were catching up with me.

I never opened up to anyone; I preferred dying with everything that has ever happened to me. Who will believe that my all-loving step-dad was a rapist and have been making advances at me?

Mom doesn’t have time for me, she’s happily building her marriage after my dad left; I didn’t want to break it.

My half-siblings sees me as a ghost who will never talk to anyone. They call me a bitter person who will never associate with others. No one ever cares for me, a listening ear could help.

I badly wanted to talk to someone, but all I could say was ‘I’m fine’. 


  1. So sad to hear about. Every day I pray people like you can escape and find a new life where you are truly loved and able to love yourself too.

  2. I wish yuu well and I send love and prayers. I understand this post very well because it’s happened to me a lot. But be encouraged myfriend. You bring so much comfort and love to people and then we share it too so all your beautiful words reach millions of people. Think about all the people you are helping 🙂 God bless you 🙂

  3. I will say you are helping me that’s for sure, I’m so sorry you had to suffer so, sending you prayers.

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