If you don’t know my whole story keep your mouth shut

If you know my whole story, you are an accomplice; just keep your mouth shut.

People often seem to be the judge of other people’s actions without even trying to know what made them that way or they have been like that from the start.

I had a hard time growing up, and a lot of things I passed through in the hands of people I have once served as their house-help had affected how I relate with people.

Life was very rosy and I was the happiest girl on earth, with the best parents, loveliest siblings, and everything I ever wanted.

I was a very happy child, who had everything at my beck and call.

It was all sweet until I lost my parents, and siblings in an accident. I was the only survivor and became hale again after spending over months in the hospital; my life was never the same again.

I didn’t know where to start from; I decided to work as aids in people’s homes, as I had no source of feeding or shelter. Everything my dad had was nowhere to be found, when I left the hospital, the bank he was working at claimed his house.

I was emotionally abused in different places I have worked in. I was once worked for a bachelor who always abused me sexually, but I couldn’t do anything because I had no choice.

Everything I went through affected how I relate with people. Many who didn’t know considered me as a proud person who didn’t want to have anything to do with anyone. I worked hard and built myself an empire.

Don’t judge me because you don’t know my story, better keep shut.

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