I wish for All to be Healthy

We never realize how important our loved ones are till something threatens our very existence.
We are quick to take the presence of our loved ones for granted. We only seem to realize how important they are to us when a crisis happens.
When crises hit, we realize how important our loves are.

I pray for my friends and family. I pray they remain healthy. I pray that each and every one of them is safe. This is my wish today.
With the current crises the world is facing, I pray for those that I love, I pray god keeps them and guide.
We never realize how much life and health means to us until we have to fight for it
Nothing shakes the reality of man’s existence like outbreaks or war. The once normal becomes a luxury.
Who would have thought that we will one day be forced into our homes? Who would have thought that the world will even be united in suffering?
We have gone about our lives bothered by different things. From food to shelter to love, career, and even discrimination, we have had different things we have worried about.
Today, however, the world is almost coming to a standstill.
The man who wouldn’t be caught dead, spending more than four hours at home, is forced to stay indoors.
The man who was once larger than life in gasping for breath on a bed in Italy.
It is as if the world has been given a jolt. A realization that humans are not invincible. A quick realization that we need to be careful.
Whether man-made or natural, the recent pandemic has forced to sit up, cover up, and take cover.
Funny how our safety is fully dependent on us staying indoors or on others being sensible.
It is alarming how much levity a lot of people are handling this issue with. May we be wise to understand the severity of this situation. May we be conscious of our fragility as humans and take precaution.
May we have the foresight to prepare for what is ahead.
May we take every little instruction and adhere to them.
May we see these moments as a reminder that every day, every touch, every moment counts.
In all of these, we are need to be more conscious now than ever.
We pray that we are all safe. It is essential that in this period, that we maintain a sense of positivity.
I pray for my friends and family. I pray that we are all safe. I pray that this period of isolation brings us closer to each other. Rather than gripe about how much money we are losing, may we discover the joy of being together.
I pray for all those who are at the front line of this battle. I pray that they will be safe. With all my heart I pray that their sacrifice.
All I wish is for everyone I love to stay healthy and that includes you.