I was doing fine without you

Please don’t ever think that I need you in my life, because at one point we didn’t know each other and I was doing just fine.

One of the greatest mistakes I made while growi9ng up, was to attach my existence to my friends.

I felt without them I won’t be hale, and at some points, they always used that against me.

I made the mistake of allowing my life to be intertwined with theirs.  I held them so close to my heart, without them feeling the same way towards me.

They fed on everything I had, and never stopped threatening me each time I failed to provide them with things they needed. They always told me they were going to leave me if I failed to give them what I want.

At some time, I started having a rethink, and decided to stop dancing to their beats; I lost them at that point.

Those moments of my life were the worst, as I felt so lonely and depressed. I thought no one will ever agree to be my friend, as I was very bad at associating with people.

A few months later, I noticed I have even started forgetting about them, I was now living my life perfectly without them.

They came back to be friends with me when they noticed I won’t come begging like I used to; I told them in their face that I was doing fine without them, their presence doesn’t matter again.

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