I respect myself

Respect is one of the greatest assets one can wear. You can only give it out, if you have it. Respect is reciprocal. You can’t earn it when you don’t respect others.

At times, I choose to remove people from my life because I respect myself. As you go on in the journey of life, you will find out that not everyone is worth your time and friendship. Instead of always trying to explain yourself and your actions; let the friendship go.

People often choose to push one to the wall, instead of doing the right thing. When you turn or retaliate; they tag you as Illbred and not understanding. In cases like that, I will be left with no option than to leave the person; it is not that I hate the person, I just respect myself and can’t be tossed around.

Self-respect is a treasure. People won’t respect you unless you start respecting yourself. Building up self-respect for yourself can cost you people and opportunities, but it is always for the better.

Growing up as a child was one of the hardest stage of my life. I am outspoken and never let whomever it is to trample on my rights. It got to a time people tagged me pompous and too proud. It never affected me in any way as I wanted to create a good name for myself.

I respect myself so much that I won’t stand another person disrespect me. As I wanted respect, I never hesitated in also respecting people; I have always known that one can’t give out or gain what he/ she doesn’t have.

I made a great name at a tender age. Many people trusted me because of the training I have given to myself and I always stick to it. I respect people a lot and I deserve that too, because respect is reciprocal.


  1. How shall I advise you?
    We met as friends,
    We have dreams to share,
    We believe we have the formula to reach
    Our destiny,
    We have reached our professional goal,
    We have, in our own way,
    Actualize our talents,
    Don’t you believe in
    Love is worth living?
    When is a hug not a hug?
    There should be love always.
    Smile, and you would remember,
    God is in our heart.

  2. Happy birthday,
    Reaching your 65th birth anniversary
    In good health is receiving God’s blessings.
    Here is Lynel Ritchie ‘s song to remember
    How we feel about being a senior citizen.
    May you remember to play it come
    June 10th –
    Best wishes for you and your family.

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