I pray for Easter miracle 🙏

Dear God, we come to You in prayer and ask for an Easter Miracle. Lord, our world is sitting in despair. We need your healing hands on every victim suffering for this Coronavirus. We are pleading for no more sickness or loss of life. We also are praying for those who’ve lost their jobs and have no income making it very difficult to care for and provide for their families. We need your Devine Intervention at this time. We’ve been watching this happen all over the world and it is time for this storm to come to an end. We need peace, we don’t want to live in fear and uncertainty. Lord, please hear our cry and bring healing to our families and the world we live. Only You have the power, have mercy and show us Your will. Amen


  1. Lord hear our prayers. For lives to not feel lost n alone. There is a God and he lives. He wants to hug you n take under his loving arms. For no more lose n let everyone know there is Hope and love in Jesus name. God bless this nation and everyone. Take care all n be safe. Love and caring is the answer because of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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