I love you all

To all my friends; we may not speak every day, hangout, or call every day but know I love you.

One of the lessons I got to learn by experience is that distance is never a barrier to a relationship.

When I was a kid, all I ever wished for was to be an adult, grow up soon and rule my world, but I never knew it came with a lot of sacrifices.

Adulthood is the hardest part of a human’s life; you make sacrifices that might be a threat to your happiness.

I Love You 💗

I never knew I will able to live far away from home because of how close I am with my parents and friends. I never saw that day coming sooner. The only time I saw myself moving out of my parent’s house was after my wedding when I will be moving into my new home.

We have our plans, but life seems to be the ultimate game-changer. This is my fifth year in a foreign country; I have never been able to see my parents for these few years. It feels like forever and many times I felt my life was drifting me to the parts I never saw coming.

My friends, I left behind think I have forgotten them and moved on, but out of sight isn’t out of mind. I never stopped thinking about the happy moments we spent together, we all planned to always be together forever and ever, but life seems to have many things in stock for us.

No matter what happens in the future, we might stop talking, but that doesn’t mean I stopped loving you all for even a bit.


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