I love my parents

Anything your parents do for you after you are over eighteen years old is out of pure love; respect it and be thankful.

The love of parents is what I call true love; no matter where you are, what you do, how long you are gone, they never stop loving you.

I have no hate in me and I thank god for my parents; they filled me with so much love that everyone around me always feels the impact.

They thought me how to be a better person; they loved me unconditionally, even with my flaws they never gave up on me.

They saw greatness in me when others saw nothing, but a child who could grow up to be a nuisance in society.

When I was in middle childhood stage, I was a stubborn kid who brought nothing, but a pain to my parents.

I always fought at school and allowed peer influence to ruin me. It brought bad names to my family and some often wondered if I was adopted because my parents were peace-loving people.

I got grounded at home for months and during those times, my parents became my tutor.

They didn’t only teach me about school work, they taught me about life in general.

They made me understand the importance of being at peace with life, respecting others, and loving myself and others as well.

No matter how stubborn I proved, they never relented until they turned me into a better person.

They stood by me when no one else did, even when I am already an adult, they never stopped carrying for me.

They will always say once my baby is always my baby.