I love my children

I am a proud mother; I gave my children love. They gave me a reason to live; I love my children so much.

Life hasn’t been so rosy, it has been full of ups and downs; there were moments in my life I felt like giving up, but only one thing kept me going.

When I lost the love of my life; I never knew I could find love or peace again.

I was tired of trying to stand again when life has crippled me and made me handicapped.

I was six months pregnant when I lost the only man that was created for me, the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh.

I wanted to go with him; I didn’t want to be left alone in this cruel world. He was my guardian angel, my hope, and my sunset at dawn.

I became the shadow of what I used to be and that made me have an early birth at the seventh month; I had triplets, but only two survived.

The two months they spent in the hospital taught me a lot and made me see another meaning to life.

I wanted to live again; I wanted to hold their tiny hands, I wanted to caress their feet as they smiled.

I wanted to feel their heartbeat and watch them sleep all day long.

They gave me a reason to smile, a reason to be a better mom, and a reason to keep fighting.

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