I just bought a special Black Angus bull for $6,500.

I bought a Black Angus bull for $6,500, but he didn’t seem interested in the cows and just ate grass.

I thought maybe I spent too much on him.

So, I called the vet to check him out.

This joke is really funny. I couldn’t stop laughing at the rest of the man’s story. It’s not what I thought I’d read.

He bought a special cow for $6,500. He was excited to have it on the farm, but when it arrived, it didn’t do what it was supposed to.

After a while, the man thought he spent too much money on the bull.

But he didn’t give up hope before getting a vet to check on it.

After checking, the vet said the cow was healthy but still young. The vet gave some pills and said it would solve the problem.

And then, something amazing happened. A few days after taking those pills, the bull started doing his job. He serviced not only the cows on the farm but also the neighbor’s cows.

“He’s working like a machine!” the happy owner said. “I don’t know what was in those pills the vet gave him… but they taste a bit like peppermint.”

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