I have no hate in my heart

One thing about me is that I have no hate in my heart; life goes on with or without you.

My life has never been perfect, but I appreciate the fact that it gave me reasons to keep struggling; it gave me reasons to be strong and resilient amidst all odds.

I have been through a lot and my downfall has been planned by people who I least expected it from, but that doesn’t stop me from moving on with my life.

My best friend was my only friend and greatest support; we always did our shopping together and I always made sure to foot the bill after each shopping.  

I never knew the good I did for her will bring me envy, betrayal, and hate. She introduced me to a guy whom she said was her cousin, and surprisingly we clicked; I was skeptical about accepting him as my boyfriend, as he asked me out a few weeks later.

I decided to keep dragging my response to be sure he’s genuine. My best friend always talks good about him, and I almost fell for the deceit.

I was on my way to the restroom when I overhead my best friend, with her supposed cousin yelling at each other in the restroom.

I wanted to come in and salvage the matter, but I decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. What I heard that very moment shattered me, but when I found out that it was their goal to cause me pain, I knew better than anyone to let out the hurt.

The supposed cousin was her boyfriend, whom she asked to have an affair with me, record it and call it quits with me after. She said she was tired of me acting bossy, and all that just because I’m rich.

Well, I didn’t need them to ask for forgiveness before forging them. I let it go at that moment and moved on with my life; it doesn’t stop because of anyone.

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