I give you my time, Don’t waste it

Most people would always rate money, car, and accessories as of one of the most important gifts anyone can offer to you but very few value a gift that once we share can never be recovered. Time is priceless.

Time is a precious gift that most people neglect while chasing after material things. A wealthy man once said that time is a treasure that he only gives to those whom he values because time is worth than money.

Money can’t buy time. The true show of love and affection is by spending time with the ones you love. Time is life. We can’t stop it, we move with it. It can never be bought or gotten back when gone. Time is as swift as life. It moves so fast when we least expected it. Time leaves us with just memories.

Memories of times we spent together with people. Times we sacrificed for our loved ones. Time is what makes a man because it determines the place of everything. It is priceless. At times, time leaves us with regrets. We realize that we spent a better part of our life with the wrong people, who never cherished with we offered.

Time, at times, leaves us with happy memories. Happy memories of moments with people we love and cherish. We get to realize no matter how long we wish to get back to those moments, it seems impossible. We just get to live with the happy times for the rest of our lives.

Even a second is precious. Spend it with the right people who value you and feel the same way for you because of time if life and life is time.