I discovered that my mom was with my husband for 22 years, so my dad asked for a DNA test for our three youngest siblings.

A 40 years old woman felt really hurt and upset when she found out her husband and mom were together in bed. What made it even worse was that she was seven weeks pregnant.

A girl was just 15 when she fell in love with her husband. After two years, she got pregnant and chose to build a future with him. They moved in with their parents and got married at 18.

Shortly after, they went to live in the empty house next door that belonged to the woman’s grandparents and was now hers. The woman and her husband then grew their family, having kids of various ages.

Discovering her husband’s unfaithfulness.

At 40, the lady was seven months pregnant with her last kid. In the midst of her pregnancy, she went on a young ladies’ excursion with her companions yet chose to return a day ahead of schedule to serenely rest on her own bed. Be that as it may, she returned home to the shock of her life. The lady reviewed:

“I strolled into my room to find my mother having intercourse with my better half. My mom shouted at me to escape ‘their’ room, which truly stirred me up considerably more.”

The woman’s mom rushed home with just a bedsheet, and the woman confronted her husband. He confessed right away, which really hurt the pregnant woman.

He said that his mother-in-law seduced him when he was 18 and living with his wife in her parents’ house. Since then, they were secretly intimate once a month, making sure they were never caught.

The woman figured out that her husband might be the father of her twin brothers and youngest sibling. She called her dad and shared everything. Clearly, her dad was heartbroken and right away talked to his wife about it.

The lady threw a party to inform everyone.

At the same time, the woman threw a party and invited their family to expose her husband and mother’s affair. Surprisingly, some family members, including her husband’s entire family—his sister and three youngest siblings—said she was wrong for revealing it.

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Later on, the news spread and reached her mom’s friend and the leader of their church. The friend contacted the woman to verify the situation and removed the unfaithful mother from her role as a children’s pastor. The woman explained:

“She says I’ve basically damaged her reputation and life. My dad asked her to leave, and now she’s staying with my 38-year-old sister. Lastly, my dad insisted on a DNA test for the three youngest boys.”

It happened that the lady’s twin brothers were actually her husband’s kids. Because of everything that occurred, she also asked her husband to leave the house and got a divorce.

What Happened to the Woman?

Luckily, the woman’s dad, though very upset, was very helpful. He talked about selling the grandparents’ house where his daughter lived to erase the bad memories. He intended to give his daughter the money from the sale to buy a new home. Her husband and mother wouldn’t get any part of the money from the sale.

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The lady’s husband is now a father of seven, and half of his business belongs to the woman. Since she helped start it and ran the office while taking a break from her career, the company is divided equally.

Unfortunately, this has led the woman to lose touch with some family members. She doesn’t want her younger children to know the reason for their divorce. However, her 14 years old is aware of what happened and has stopped communicating with his dad.

The lady’s husband later admitted that the affair started when she made him upset. He sought solace in his mother in law, and that turned into a romantic involvement. He said he thought about divorcing his wife but decided it was more advantageous to stay in the relationship.

Numerous Reddit users praised the woman for being strong during a tough period and deciding to move on from her husband.

What’s your opinion on this? Would you have handled things differently than the woman did?

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