I didn’t ask my son’s wife to come on our family trip, and I believe it was the correct decision.

A mom and her daughters got tired of their son’s wife ruining their fun on girls’ trips, so they started leaving her out. The mom wanted to know if she was doing something bad.

A mom with three daughters said they liked going on trips just with the girls, like going shopping, without the men in the family. Then, the mom’s son married a woman named Beth.

The mom used to invite Beth on these trips because she was now part of the family. But it got hard to include Beth after she had a baby because it wasn’t as fun anymore.

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The lady talked about how she and her daughters go on trips for girls’ day out. She has three girls, and they still enjoy these trips. Her son married a woman named Beth, who has an 8-year-old child and hasn’t lost weight.

Why did Beth spoil their fun?

Even though Beth used to be a normal weight before having her child, it was tough to include her on girls’ trips with her three daughters like they used to because she hadn’t lost the weight gained during pregnancy.

She mentioned that Beth had to take many breaks when walking due to her weight. The lady confessed that she used to like her daughter-in-law, but not anymore because of her behavior. She admitted:

“I used to enjoy Beth’s company and brought her along on our trips many times. Not long ago, I asked the girls to join me for a fun day at a farm to pick pumpkins and apples. We had a wonderful time, and I posted some photos on Facebook. Then, Beth called me, wondering why she wasn’t invited.”

The lady told the readers that she didn’t invite Beth because Beth would need many breaks while walking in the big orchards. She also mentioned that on their last trip to the mall, Beth preferred sitting on a bench most of the time.

When Beth called and asked why she wasn’t invited to the orchard trip, the lady fibbed and said it was a family outing. However, Beth realized the lady was lying.

Then, the lady explained to Beth that she wasn’t invited because of Beth’s weight, which made them stop frequently and disrupted their girls’ trips, preventing them from doing what they wanted as Beth needed to sit down.

Beth was shocked, called the lady a “jerk,” and hung up. The lady’s son started texting her, insisting she should apologize to Beth, but her daughters supported her, saying they were tired of their trips being spoiled by Beth.

The lady went to Reddit and asked people for their honest opinions on her post about whether she was right to not include her daughter-in-law in family activities because of her weight.

What Reddit Users Said:

A few folks believed the lady was wrong for leaving out her daughter-in-law, but many said she made the right decision, suggesting she should communicate it more tactfully.

One person said they’d find it irritating if someone asked why they weren’t invited to an event, especially if they were planning something special with their daughters. They thought Beth was too insistent, and the woman had a reasonable response.

The person also mentioned that when you’re not invited somewhere, the reason is often not a pleasant one, and Beth should have accepted her mother-in-law’s explanation instead of accusing her of lying.

Someone else said Beth should be fine with not joining activities that were too tough for her physically, or she should find ways to keep up with the group more comfortably. They also wished that when the woman invited Beth, she would pick activities that didn’t require much physical fitness.

The same person thought it would be Beth’s attitude, not her fitness level, that would prevent her from participating in family activities in the future. Another person, who had gained weight, mentioned they would skip activities if they knew they involved a lot of physical effort.

The person got that Beth might not want to do everything, but they thought Beth should make sensible choices about which invites to accept from her mother-in-law and which ones to turn down.

Someone told the woman that although she wasn’t at fault for leaving out Beth, she could have expressed it in a more considerate way, so Beth didn’t feel bad about herself. They recommended framing it as a way of showing care for Beth instead of anything else.

While one person didn’t think it was a mistake for the woman to leave out Beth, they did believe it was a mistake to fib about why she was being excluded. The person explained:

“It’s because they have different speeds, and she keeps complaining about it. The issue might be more than just her weight.”

One person supported Beth, saying that the problem wasn’t her weight but her physical condition. They mentioned that she could be in good physical shape even if she was overweight, and the woman should think about whether she was bothered by Beth’s weight or her fitness level.

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