I am moved to tears as I witness the immediate response of the parrot, as a dying woman bids her final farewell to it.

It is always difficult to cope with the loss of our dearest companion, regardless of our level of readiness for it.

Sadness is not exclusively felt by humans; animals also possess the capacity to experience grief.

For instance, it’s worth noting that parrots rank among the most emotionally adept and intelligent beings on Earth. When parrots endure the loss of a beloved companion, they undergo a profound experience of sorrow.

Sinbad the parrot recently experienced this situation alongside his owner, whom he had spent 25 years of his life with.

Sinbad, similar to other animals, had a deep connection with his owner, demonstrating a strong bond between them.

While Sinbad is typically a cheerful and lively bird, he seemed to grasp the gravity of the situation as his beloved owner lay on her deathbed, causing him to become subdued and silent.

This was taken as a proof of the profound empathy that birds often exhibit towards their owners.

Parrots can undergo a state of depression similar to humans when they experience the loss of a loved one. In fact, there are even medications available to treat depression in birds.

The upcoming scene, which you are about to witness, was recorded by the daughter of a terminally ill woman. The woman is preparing herself to bid farewell to the world, and Sinbad is brought in for a final encounter.

It is evident that Sinbad solely desires to be close to his owner and expresses his deep affection for her. As he settles on her abdomen, she reciprocates by conveying her immense love for him as well.

If you manage to watch this video without shedding tears, you possess a strength that surpasses anything I could ever aspire to.

The connection we have with our pets is sometimes indescribable. That’s why videos like these allow us to connect with others who share the same love for their pets as we do for ours. This particular moment is incredibly heartwarming and stands out as one of the most endearing scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Anyone who has had a beloved pet can undoubtedly empathize with this woman’s experience.

Kindly pass along this video to your nearest friends and loved ones. We extend our best wishes to Sinbad for the future, and we sincerely hope that his owner finds eternal peace.

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