I am going to raise better boys

I am going to raise my son to be a man that your daughter will cherish to have.

Raising my son to be a man that your daughter don’t have to recover from.

The present society is so focused on the girl-child leaving out the boys to be raised by nobody.

There are many cases of homicide and assault because no one is grooming these boys o how to be a man.

During my days as a teenager, I was barely apart from my dad as he always made it a point of duty to teach me all that he knows.

He taught me how to respect people and their opinions; I don’t have to raise my voice at someone or hit them in other to prove a point.

My father was a polygamous man and it is so funny how he managed his home peacefully and there was war in the monogamous families surrounding us.

I never for once saw my dad raise his voice at my mother or his wives; he was a man of peace and throughout his life, I never saw him shout or engage in a fistfight with someone.

He thought me to always walk away in times of trouble; it doesn’t make you a coward it shows how strong you are.

I am going to teach my son to be a better person and to always be exceptional in every area of his life.

Lucky is the woman he is going to marry because she got herself a king and a sweetheart all in one.

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